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St John and St Nicolas Schools Federation

For the good of all - through curiosity, creativity and love.



Good attendance is one of the most important predictors of success in school. We want our children to develop good habits of attendance from the beginnings of their time in school. The more your child comes to school, the better they are likely to achieve.


If children are absent for 10% or more of a school year, they are classed as a persistent absentee. 10% of a school year is 19 days. Children that miss 10% of their time in school will miss over 1 year of schooling throughout their education.


If your child is unwell, they should be kept at home. Please phone or email the school office to let us know the reasons for absence.


We do not generally authorise any other absence from school and we strongly discourage families from taking holidays during term time. If you do decide to take your child out of school for a term time holiday, it is likely to lead to a fixed penalty notice.