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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 Home Learning Page


Have a look through these activities which will help you keep learning while you can't be at school.  


Try to choose a variety of activities, challenge yourself and have fun! 





These are some good websites for you to look at - 


BBC Bitesize -


ICT games -

Topmarks -



Have a go at the Daily 10 -



Or try Hit The Button -



- You could go on a shape hunt around the house and find as many 3D shapes as you can.  Which shape do you see the most? Which do you see the least? Maybe you could make a bar chart to show the data you have collected. 


- Can you measure all the ingredients used in some cooking? Which unit of measure did you need to use? cm? ml? g? kg?




Practise spellings and grammar on EDSHED.

Go to the Book trust to read stories

and play games.

Go to Oxford Owl to look at their free book library  for non fiction and fiction books            


You will find lots of topic based learning on Discovery world.

or look at Maddie Moates utube channel to find out more about the creatures around us!

or go to the woodland trust for lots of outdoor activities




Can you write a prayer to say thank you for all the wonderful things around you? Have a think about all the things you are grateful for, and maybe add a wish or a hope for others. 

You could use your best handwriting or type it on the computer and decorate it too.  




Can you draw a bird's eye view map of your bedroom or living room? 

How would things look if you were flying about them? 

Maybe start by drawing the top of a table - what would a cup look like? A book? Think about the shapes things make to help you.

Remember to add a key to show whatyour symbols mean. 



Have a go at Scratch Jnr. 

There are lots of example lessons to look at.  

What will you be able to program?