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St John and St Nicolas Schools Federation

For the good of all - through curiosity, creativity and love.


Our Curriculum


Our School Vision


For the good of all – through curiosity, creativity and love.


Our Curriculum Intent


Our federation is a journey for all of our children from the Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6 and beyond. Our curriculum aim is for children’s time with us to prepare them for life after our schools. Each child in our schools is recognised as an individual with their own ambitions, needs, skills and aspirations and it will be our schools’ role to support and challenge each individual to achieve these.


Our curriculum will allow all children to develop the key skills of reading, writing and maths through a broad and balanced curriculum providing a wide range of experiences. Throughout our schools, we will promote equality and diversity and will provide every opportunity for children to develop resilience, confidence and enthusiasm, so becoming imaginative, creative and independent learners able to make informed decisions. Our rich curriculum, complemented by our nurturing approach will allow all our children to develop emotionally and spiritually.


We value all aspects of the school curriculum and will ensure our curriculum encompasses spiritual, moral, social, cultural, emotional and physical education.


Our curriculum vision mirrors our school vision in the following ways:


· For the good of all: We will teach children social skills, empathy and teamwork and will promote high expectations in learning for all children irrespective of background and ability.

· Curiosity: We will instil in our children a sense of curiosity about the world around them, providing experiences that enable them to develop the knowledge and skills to move forward positively through their lives. Our children will be able to question the world around them, seeking answers with enthusiasm.

· Creativity: Our children will think and act creatively, being prepared to take risks and innovating through their work. They will know that imagination, invention and ingenuity are highly valued in our schools.

· Love: Our school curriculum is grounded in love, through Christian values. Our children will know the importance of care and concern for others, and for the world in which they live, and will develop as confident citizens, leaving our schools as positive and enthusiastic role models.


Our federation curriculum encompasses the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and National Curriculum. Our R.E. teaching is based on the locally approved syllabus and we teach personal, social and health education in both schools. Our curriculum goes beyond that which is statutory to include all aspects of learning that we believe will be of value for children as they move to the next stage of their education.