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St John and St Nicolas Schools Federation

For the good of all - through curiosity, creativity and love.

Federation Development Plan

Our Key Priorities for 2023/24


  • To support the schools to move to a surplus budget position within a 3-year period
  • To support raising attainment in the key skills of reading (with a particular focus on phonics), writing (writing at length, and across the curriculum), maths (with a focus on times tables)
  • To focus on improving children’s attendance and on successful inclusion of children with specific behavioural difficulties


Central to achieving these objectives will be:

  • To ensure our vision underpins all activities, and to promote the distinctive Christian character of the schools
  • To ensure a culture of high expectation and challenge for all children, and an on-going commitment to high-quality teaching; a focus on accelerating progress for all, but vulnerable groups (disadvantaged, children with SEND and EAL), the most able and low attainers in particular
  • To ensure staff well-being has a high priority, as well as the welfare of the entire school community, and of vulnerable children in particular