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St John and St Nicolas Schools Federation

For the good of all - through curiosity, creativity and love.

Who’s Who

Our Federation Staff


Senior Team


Executive Headteacher

Mr Harvey

Head of School (St John’s)

Mrs Whiting

Head of School (St Nic’s)

Mrs Thornton-Allen

Inclusion Manager

Mrs Blakemore

English Subject Leader

Mrs Gibbons

Maths Subject Leader

Mrs Oakes

Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs Stewart

School Business Manager 

Ms Biais


St John’s Staff


Foundation Stage Team


Nursery Teacher

Mrs Sneddon

Reception Teachers

Mrs Stewart, Mrs Whiting,

Miss Wardrop, Mrs Sneddon

Nursery Nurse

Mrs Ward

Teaching Assistants

Miss Irwin, Mrs Black, Miss Nicholls, Mrs Moore, Ms Amor, Mrs Smith

Year 1 Team


Year 1 Teachers

Miss Head, Mrs Howell, Mrs Langdon

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Smith, Mrs Tuttle,

Mrs Andrews, Mrs Christouli, Mrs Patel, Ms Ramsey, Mrs Johnson

Year 2 Team


Year 2 Teachers

Mrs Bousfield, Mrs Rogers, Mrs Jones

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Pass, Mrs Fletcher

Other Staff


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Cook

Emotional Literacy Support Asssistant

Miss Knight

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Patel, Miss Knight, Mrs Black,

Mrs Andrews, Mrs Pitt, Mrs Johnson, Miss Nicholls, Mrs Dearlove,

Ms Ramsay, Mrs Worley

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Sandalls, Mrs Hart, Mrs Edwards

Office ManagerMs Joyce

Office Staff

Mrs Bell, Mrs Spillings

Clerk to the GovernorsMrs Healy

Cleaning Team

Mrs Edwards, Mrs Sandalls,

Ms Christouli

Extended Day Team

Miss Kan, Miss Knight, Mrs Sandalls, Mrs Dearlove


Mr Burton



St Nicolas Staff


Year 3 Team


Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Gibbons, Mrs Crowther, Ms Ewens, Mrs Young, Mrs Bennett

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Ings,

Mrs Chichghare, Miss King

Year 4 Team


Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Oakes, Mrs Arlow, Miss Saunders

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Kenworthy, Mrs Points, Mrs House, Mrs Collins, Mrs Gajdos

Year 5 Team


Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Littlechild, Miss Sheppard

Teaching Assistants

Mrs N Hill, Mrs Gerrard, Mrs Cooper

Year 6 Team


Year 6 Teachers

Miss Joyce, Mrs Davies, Mrs F Hill,

Mrs Oakes

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Davis

Other Staff


Other Teaching Staff

Mrs Carvill, Mrs Blakemore

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Atkin, Mrs Herdman

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Mrs Tompsett

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Points,  Mrs Davis, Miss Keel,

Mrs Raina, Mrs Chichghare, Mrs Gajdos, Mrs King

Office ManagerMs Joyce

Office Staff

Mrs S Hill, Mrs Rummins

Clerk to the GovernorsMrs Healy

Extended Day Team

Mrs Tompsett, Mrs Casabella,

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Kenworthy, Mrs Hill, Mrs Points, Mrs Surya


Mr Fourie