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New Catering Contract Tender Process - St Nicolas School

St Nicolas School is tendering for a new catering contractor from July 2023. For full details, please contact the school office or visit the government Contracts Finder site. 


The timetable for companies is below:



Date (in full e.g. 1st January 2022 at 12:00)

Invitation to Tender publication

Monday 20th February 2023 at 12.00

Deadline for receipt of clarifications

Monday 6th March 2023 at 12.00

Target date for responses to clarifications

Friday 10th March 2023 at 12.00

Deadline for receipt of Tenders

Thursday 23rd March 2023 at 12.00

Evaluation of Tenders

Tuesday 28th March 2023

Notification of contract award decision

Friday 31st March 2023 at 12.00

"Standstill" period

Saturday 1st April to Sunday 16th April

Confirm contract award

Monday 17th April 2023

Contract start and start of mobilisation period

Monday 24th July 2023

Service commencement date

1st September 2023